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The MIP’s Executive Courses are focused on business management and innovation, giving an excellent level of training while continuing to work. Participants on this course can expand and integrate their skills and deepen their knowledge of the most advanced topics and emerging trends.

These courses are intended for PEOPLE with a considerable working experience, who feel they need to improve their knowledge and managerial skills, PEOPLE who are strongly motivated to invest in themselves and improve their position within their companies, COMPANIES who wish to invest in their high potential employees to increase and improve their business skills.

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Sustainability and Impact Leadership

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The Sustainability and Impact leadership course is designed for consultants, managers, professionals, managers of CSR functions, financial operators, managers of not-for-profit organisations and social entrepreneurs managers of not-for-profit organisations and social entrepreneurs wishing to understand the transformations taking place and the new management tools to help generate a positive impact on the environment and society through economically sustainable business models, exploiting the opportunities arising from the sustainable and impact economy.

Il Percorso in italiano inizierà a Maggio 2022 e continuerà con 8 moduli da 2 giorni consecutivi una volta al mese. Le lezioni si terranno dalle 9.00 alle 13.00 e dalle 14.00 alle 18.00 presso il MIP Politecnico di Milano. Le ore di formazione in aula prevedono lezioni frontali erogate da docenti della faculty, case studies, simulazioni e l’intervento di grandi esperti aziendali e del mondo dell’innovazione sociale che porteranno testimonianze di successo e spunti di riflessione. Alcuni moduli prevedono delle giornate di approfondimento opzionali su alcune tematiche o prospettive settoriali.

2022 - 2° Edizione

MIT – Master in Management of Research, Innovation and Technology

The new master MIT – Master in Management of Research, Innovation and Technology, now in its seventh edition, is designed for a new generation of professionals working in the field of innovation and research in the public, private and civil society sectors. The Master provides unique competences and skills, ranging from the critical reading of contemporary socio-economic and environmental macro trends, to the understanding of emerging innovation and research opportunities, to the management and optimisation of processes and technologies in a direction that generates economic value and positive socio-environmental impact for the organisations in which they operate.