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Entrepreneurship & Innovation for impact and purpose

This line of research deals with  the management of entrepreneurial organizations and corporations that pursue, jointly and intentionally  both social and economic value . Within the realm of impact-oriented organization, we consider both  new entrepreneurial ventures and start-ups and established mainstream firms trying to integrate the generation of social impact in their core business.

The organizational models resulting from this evolutionary trajectory are characterized by a hybrid nature, defined by the fact that the core business cannot be separated from the social purpose and the two are linked and indistinguishable. Therefore, they address social problems while operating with the entrepreneurial attitude and financial discipline proper of the purely commercial businesses.


As a key determinant and enabling factor of this process of hybridization, we identified the opportunities offered by technologies, both the low and high tech domain. We study the role of technology in prompting novel entrepreneurial approaches to social problems, leveraging solutions that would have not existed otherwise. Another crucial property of technology adoption is scaling existing solutions in order to reach a greater number of beneficiaries or more beneficiaries in marginalized areas of society and remote places. Lastly, the adoption of technology reinforces the fundamentals of economic sustainability of social entrepreneurship models, paving the way for hybrid social business models and making them attractive to social impact investors In turn, social entrepreneurship is suitable to mitigate or void the unintended consequences of technologyand our research groups studies the relationship  between social entrepreneurship and technological innovation in order to gain a better understanding of the complex relationship between technology and inequality. Accordingly,this research line also includes policy studies directed to favor knowledge and technology transfer to  social enterprises and corporations that aim to deliver positive impact to society and the planet.

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